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   Wednesday, January 11, 2006  
my college girlfriend jeanine went to florida for Christmas break and ran into a very interesting machine

its one of those giant claw machines that you see at the Denny's where you put fifty cents in and get yourself a plushy toy for your kid or your girlfriend - if youre lucky enough to know how to manuever that godforsaken machine

the difference of this one though is its filled with water


now im on very good terms with pretty much all of my girlfriends, so i could call my sweet x up right now and ask her about this machine... like how much it cost, was it a game of chance, or was it an actual self-service lobster grabber

but unfortunately im on my way over to have lunch with one karisa j happenstance

whom i plan to discuss nothing but football as our two favorite teams

the bears and the patroits are in the playoffs.

for some reason she has confidence that the pats can continue their winning ways now that they have most of their team back from injury,

i think shes living in a fools paradise as that pretty boy at qb is going to fall at the hands of pittsburg or whatever pansy afc team theyre playing.

the bears however are a team of destiny this year

a throwback to the monsters of the midway AND the superbowl shuffle sqad of twenty years ago.

and now that we have rex grossman back, everythings good in the hood.

and then i plan to talk to her about buzznet

namely about why she isnt putting more photos up on her strip.

i may even threaten her to put a picture up on my blog starting tomorrow every day until she starts submitting regularily, just like all of you should.

howard stern proudly mentioned the other day that 3 million people signed up to Sirius after he announced that he was going to eh eh eh

so how has Buzznet fared since they signed yours truly?

overhead in the office the other day, our hits and signups in q4 have jumped 35%.


of course.

one man surely cant effect a web site that much in such a short period of time.

however to celebrate our continuing success i will continue to link to peoples buzznet accounts at the bottom of each of my busblog posts.

if you know of a worthy buzznet account that im overlooking, please let me know.

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