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   Thursday, April 06, 2006  
over the last few weeks i've been writing my little booty off, mostly in the Buzznet Coachella pages but in a few other areas as well.

yes im a writeaholic, yes i usually write differently outside of the busblog, yes i probably have more things out there than im linking to but its already 1pm and i havent posted on here today.

so check out the madness:

Madonna Prepared to Pitch in at the Dance Tent

Giant Drag thinks Coachella will be a Giant Drag?

Depeche Mode is no Stranger to Playing to Adoring Fans in Los Angeles

Mates of State Bring Back the Ecstatic Feelings of Pop

How To Tell The Difference Between Wolf Parade and Wolfmother at Coachella

Dear Women of Montreal

Katie Couric hired to sit in the seat of Conkrite

Scottish Mopers Mogwai Rock Their Own Way

and if none of those things float your boat, ive also been editing the Buzznet Spring Break blog of late. which reminds me, if you have just returned from Spring Break and you want to share your pictures and/or stories, sign up for Buzznet (its free and takes about 20 seconds) upload your pics, write your tales and send me an email and i will feature it on the spring break blog if you like.

similarily if you have some good tales to tell or insights about any of the bands that are playing Coachella at the end of this month, post it on buzznet and email me and i will feature it on the Coachella blog.

in LA they always say its not what you know its who you know. well you know someone at Buzznet... moi. and i want your legends to live on.

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