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   Thursday, June 29, 2006  
i didnt enjoy my shopping experience because everything suddenly looked great, and i wanted all of it.

they had full
def comedy jam bright purple or blue or teal pimp suits for $100. id ask the guy how long it would take to alter it and he'd say ahhh 15 minutes. they all said that.

last night i went to two concerts. first hawksley workman at the viper room and then Love at the whiskey. i totally enjoyed myself at the hawksley show and canada, that dude is the real deal.

and i was watching the Love show where i was supposed to meet my date and i saw the opening band and then i talked to mike randall who'd been playing with Arthur Lee in Love for a long while and my date showed up and she didnt look too good.

i mean she looked good. but she looked sick. apparently she had been drinking.

and apparently she wanted me to go home with her because she was afraid she would puke in her roommates bedroom as its something that she says she likes to do when shes drunk.

so i felt bad for missing my bro mike but a fascinating thing happened as i was holding her hair in one of the filthiest bathrooms ive ever been in in a hollywood apartment, i realized that hot girls get away with murder. especially if they have good taste in music.

walk into the place and janes addictions nothings shocking is on. i was all, whos home? shes like, o i just like music playing all the time, its my cd jukebox. and there it is a 200 disc old school cd player.

its 420 and i really wanted to see superman today but i was up so late i didnt wake up till 1. wtf time schedule is that?

i dont even know if the cubs won.

anyways heres what you do when you go to a hot girls house who has like antique furniture everywhere and like 12 bed spreads for some reason and your head keeps saying omg youre not going to get naked in that bed, those spreads must have been washed like twice in ten years

what you do is you pray

and you listen to her brush her teeth and hum in the bathroom because shes feeling better now, and you scan the room for somewhere that you can do what you need to do, and there are no big comfy chairs or ottomans or coffee tables,

and since youve never been with her before, you consider the wall

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