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   Tuesday, June 27, 2006  
im off to a lunch of other editors. arent i an adult all of a sudden.

speaking of which i need to buy a suit today and im looking for your help.

i was invited last night to a BET Awards after-party tonight with one of the major record labels.

the invite said to wear something "sexy, elegant, and upscale" so immediately i thought of a big purple suit and a huge purple hat and a cane. maybe a monocle. only problem is i dont have a lot of cash.

are purple suits BET Awards '99? or am i good?

also i think ms karisa j hotshit might accompany me, which means it doesnt really matter what i wear, but still, i will be meeting fancy people, so it will help if i can look halfway decent, or halfway rememberable.

shit i gotta get some business cards too. k. gotta fly. love ya. gimme tips on what i should wear.

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