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   Thursday, August 10, 2006  
Q. Tony, do you ever post on your blog because you feel you have to, and not because you want to? - Neil

no my entire life is a series of choices that i make based on my own needs, desires, and wants.

i wish.

yes, sometimes i feel like i Should blog, or i Have to, but the difference between me and a lot of other bloggers is i will actually blog despite the moaning teen on the waterbed, or the fleeing criminal on the run.

so many times ive preached that no matter what you should blog. or write or whatever. and now that i have contributers at LAist that its my job to sort of shepard, i have to be an example that yes you can knock out five posts on one blog and thats no excuse not to write on your own personal blog.

to me blogging is about writing emails. most people write a half dozen or so emails a day, i see no difference in hitting send in Gmail and hitting publish in Blogger. the only difference is that i have to find a picture to put along with my post when its a blog entry. but if youre being honest with your reader it shouldnt take very long to tell your tale and move on with your life.

my plan today is to hit the road by 2:30p and make it to arizona sometime by nightfall. im not sure if i will make it to Phoenix in time to have drinks with anyone because i will be blogging along the way for LAist, but the hard part for me has always been getting out of the house.

since theres no real time table, i can leave tomorrow but here it is noon and ive already written three things for the j.o.b. so thats a good head start and it will give me a chance to get out of LA before rush hour hits.

i will miss my comfortable bachelor pad and my porn star life. but this trip fell in my lap for a reason, its time to actually rock with it.

and im soooo happy that it didnt involve any air travel.

i wrote a little something about Oliver Stone's World Trade Center, which i saw last night. its the first bad review i gave to a film that made me cry.

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