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   Friday, August 11, 2006  
mom if youre reading this, you should stop.

basically i was driving down Route 66 listening to devil music with no gas no oil and no chance to make it to the gas station if it wasnt for the Lord.

i dont know why He takes care of me. i dont know why im so worthy of the good shit.

i thought i was doing the right thing in Pomona by getting an oil change and then allowing myself to get traded up to $250 worth of other shit. but i had the cash and i would rather pay them then than have to pay a tow truck driver in the middle of nowhere AND his mechanic. and you know that would have cost more than two fiddy.

anyways it appears that the Pomona people either didnt screw the oil plug in tight or didnt put any oil in my car after they drained the old shit out because right as i was coasting into the Mobile in Zona, my oil light flickered and when i checked the oil the dipstick just laughed and laughed and laughed.

i asked for a little help from the mini market guys and one of them, a young guy who claimed to be the top ranked HS quarterback in AZ crawled under my car, checked the seal, got into his truck and jacked my shit up and did this and did that and told me to buy some oil from inside the store and then filled it up and sent me on my way, scoffing at my $20 bill.

you have a long road trip to go, tony. he said. but did accept my myspace email address so i could Add him.

as i drove off i kept thinking of all the different things that could have happened if i hadnt gone into that particular gas station, if i hadnt totally done all the things that i did.

but then i was all, who am i kidding, the angels had my back the entire time. i wasnt even in the formulae. i was meant to be on that road, one whose gas stations are few and far between during certain stretches, and whose shoulders are lined with stories dating all the way back to the 20s.

i nearly got kicked by Route 66, but instead i was kissed from above.

and here it is 447am, im at a Super 8 that is frequented by truckers, and the truckers have been frequented by hookers all night. tempting, but sleep is even more tempting. and you bet tonight i wont fall asleep without saying my prayers.

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