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   Friday, August 25, 2006  
Photo Hosted at BuzznetWrite about gentrification. The LA Weekly sez it's terrible, and ripping our neighborhood apart. Is that true?
- Matt Welch

last i checked discrimination wasnt kosher. even against whitey.

but i also dont hear the minorites complaining too much, its usually the fair skinned granola eaters who have already moved in who are fretting about what happens if that pattern is repeated. such guilt. just look at that word, gentrification, thats the whitest word ive heard all day. scientific, polite, sterile, vague, emotionless - when in fact its definition, if accurate is clear and full of emotion.

as if whitey could fuck things up that bad.

the most normal thing in the world is for one group to move into a part of town and then move out as another one moves in. those mini mansions in korea town werent built by koreans you know. noah finz.

am i disappointed that venice turned into a santa monica jr.? of course. but people should be allowed to move whereever they want and build whatever they want while theyre there. the only thing they shouldnt be allowed to do is tear down cool places without a vote of the people. cbgbs got gentrified. that shouldnt happen. its retarded.

bob burns got gentrified. that shouldnta happened either.

what people should probably do is take it easy on the four kids business. a couple kids is fine. adopting, i hate to agree with brangelina, but that seems like the best idea of them all. its so crazy i love people so much but ive always hated the idea of overcrowding, of the earth doubling in population ever so many years. i dont need anyone who looks like me. maybe we have a responsibility to take care of some kids but i dont think they necessarily have to carry your genetic code. as if any of that shit mattered anyways.

chavez ravine was gentrified. downtown is becoming gentrified. and with that comes things that might be worth it.

the cruelty and tragedy that made way for dodger stadium was horrible, but if dodger stadium was any different you never would have had that shot of the tail lights in the parking lot of cars leaving as kirk gibson hit one of the greatest home runs of all time.

not everything that whitey does is all bad, matt.

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