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   Wednesday, November 08, 2006  
i was totally thrown off yesterday i didnt wake up till 2. i had to vote at this weird sceintlogy place. and then i met courtney love and she was super bizarre.

theres a tom waits song that i play almost every day it's called "i dont wanna grow up."

when i see awful plastic surgery, i dont wanna grow up

its tough having heroes. to me courtney is a hero. yeah there are people who will argue that she killed him but those people are boring.

courtney love was and still is a real punk rocker. punk rockers dont fit into your little box of them. they dont wear the uniform, they dont play by the rules of the day, they dont save their punk rock husbands from being slightly more self destructive.

i was able to get on the press list of the book signing at the virgin megastore on sunset.

courtney was late so we had to wait an extra half hour, and since you never know what the hells gonna happen with courtney love, most of us were a half hour early. but there could be worse places to be than in the west hollywood virgin megastore book department in the rock section.

i was totally way better off in there than the 100 or so people who had to stand outside in the warm santa ana breezes as the sun set. i used the time to flip through and then read a lot of her diaries, which is the book that she was signing.

lots of interesting pictures. some of kurt, some, like the cover, snapped by the man.

theres one picture thats so amazing. its frances bean asleep on a couch with her shoes on hugging a guitar.

when i finally got to meet her i didnt have anything to say. probably because i had everything to say.

so instead of saying, when are you gonna bring back or why dont you have a tv show all i said was, i saw you play with juliette lewis a couple halloweens ago.

and her response was, "yeah i heard shes got grohl playing drums on her new record."

which you could read a million ways.

she wrote my name huge in the book and scrawled her name.

she had just taped the tonight show with jay and was wearing the same outfit.

she didnt look very rockstarish. she looked like she was trying to dress up to try to get her daughter in a private school that was probably gonna say no.

i took some video and theres some photos on LAist

afterwards i wanted to see the motley crue + aerosmith show at the hollywood bowl but the traffic was so bad going up highland that it gave one the idea that because of the 82 degree temperature at 8pm Everyone in la had decided to go see aerosmith with motley crue at the bowl.

because i have no patience, i went to Von's and stocked up on food.

matt good called me about some funny blog war thing. i found out jeanine just got an apartment in pasadena. and i found out that the word of the year is


and then i found out that this girl who i thought thought i was the fugliest man on earth said that no no she just really had to pee

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