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   Monday, November 06, 2006  
it was something crazy like 90 degrees here today at noon so i got out of the damn house and went to the beach.

the goal was to ask people why they werent at work.

"hey why arent you at work?"

but the people were lame and all tourists or sadly unemployed.

one of the interviews with the unemployed was pretty funny and i will have that up on LAist tonight.

which brings us to some questions that have been asked in the comments:

mike asks: a novel eh?? synapsis? price? s&h? reason why you're going to autograph one and send it to me? good good.

a. its a coming of age tale about an undercover superhero before he joined the organization. if its any good it will be sold at christmas. but all signs point to sucky.

Phil says, Yea an ebay store would be a great thing to set up so suckers like me in australia can buy a copy of said book. Do it tony

a. if there is a book you'll be able to get it via cafepress, which ive released several books through before.

Chris coos, Ahhh Karisa ! You made my day. Please write to me. Yes I still would love a date ! If you are not seeing anyone.

a. karisa has been off the market for quite some time now.

xTx asks, hi tony. i'm worried about you and all of your writing and your carpal.
Is it all better? I sure hope so.

a. the carpal came back the other day but the experts attribute it to the PSP play, and not writing/blogging. the trip around the country pretty much cured everything. my good friend amy langfield gave me a book called "It's Not Carpal Tunnel" (it's repetivite stress syndrome). so with the use of a little better laptop, and a whole lot less work-stress, my carpal is slowly fading away. thanks for asking!

mike sez, So what's going to be your excuse when your Bears lose next week and the Giants get home field for the playoffs?!?

a. the bears will beat the Giants by two touchdowns.

JaG asks, Speaking of ads, what happened to that girls ad thing idea you once mentioned?

a. the Busblog Babes Ad Network? i dropped the ball. i suck.

Leafs Fan asks, Do you have a paypal link?

a. but of course

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