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   Monday, November 13, 2006  
ive had a guest for the last few days. very sweet girl from canada. kira is her name-o.

tonight we hung out at matt and emmanuelles. lots of our friends were there. including a bunch of our friends with their babies. some of the kids were playing in the dirt as if it wasnt dirt. love that.

solomon was playing along super well. dinosaurs. the kids love dinosaurs. no idea why. the kids dont have plastic versions of pit bulls or stingrays or piranhas. but dinosaurs? no problem.

sadly we couldnt hang for as long as we would have liked to because the sun was setting and i wanted to show her some of LA while it was still light out. so we tried to drive up to Griffth observatory but they dont let you do that any more. theres busses that go up there but you cant just drive up there. you need to get reservations.

not cool.

so we tried to go around the back way but they figured that one out too. so we drove up to where kim used to live. when kira saw the hollywood sign she squeal. sorta scared me a little but i stopped and she took a picture.

then we drove around hollywood. then we went to thai elvis. then we got that shit to go. then we watched the bears game which was unbelievably good.

i was trying to stay cool during the game but it was pretty impossible. i was pacing and yelling at the screen and jumping up and screaming. mighty not cool. then before we knew it the bears had won by 18. and it was still only 10pm and i was feeling good and she was feeling good and she had been a trooper by not only watching the whole game but being a really good sport about it, so we went to the Rainbow and had drinks.

she asked if any celebs went there. i said yes. but it was sunday night. so no stars were there. then we saw a dude who looked really familiar. she was all, yeah he does look familiar. and then we realized that he was one of the losers of Rock Star. but we couldnt remember if it was Rock Star INXS or Rock Star Supernova. but we knew it was him because he had letters tattooed on his forearm that matched up sorta when he sang with both hands.

hard to explain, but yeah it was him.

we played "fake tits or real tits" all night which was fun.

then we went to the grocery store, then we watched south park, then we watched IVTV and she said, college in Canada is nothing like that. i was all, oh every college in the US is like that.

and now its 421am and im getting sleepy but im glad we could have this time together.

tonight we're gonna see the red hots at a tiny club and i cant wait.

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