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   Friday, November 10, 2006  
i know it looks like a commercial. in a way thats sorta a compliment, but i dont think anyone would ever pay me to do an instant commercial, a term, raymi, i just invented, see i can invent things too.

LAist got the exclusive to the location of a free ticket giveaway for an upcoming show the Red Hot Chili Peppers are gonna do at a small club. Say what you will about their records, live is the only way to truly judge the Peppers, who dominate on stage.

Woodstock with the flames shooting out of their heads. Nuff said.

This afternoon I talked to the kids first in line, and played with the Zune, which was definately not as bad as some of the reviews ive read on the blogs.

if i was Zune though i'd say something simple like

like an ipod with a radio in it.

it also has a bigger screen and lets you zap songs to your friends so they can listen to it for three days or three plays.

see im sounding like a commercial again.

what are its drawbacks? for some reason it has a thing that looks like a wheel controlling the thing, but its not a wheel.

it is bigger than an ipod but not by that much.

theyre gonna need something to make it better than the ipod. apple is so far ahead of the game that even their new accessories for it are awesome.

if i was Microsoft, i would just sell it for $199 and force Apple to make their money off iTunes. but right now i dont see a reason why people would leave the most loved new product to come around since the dvd player. unless it was hella cheap.

good thing bill gates isnt that cutthroat any more.

anyways theres a little game you can do with this video.

its four minutes long. write down how many "right ons" you think i can squeeze into the four minute thing and then watch it and see how you did.

happy veterans day!

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