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   Saturday, November 25, 2006  
last night jeanine and i saw the dixie chicks at the staples center. we were in section 317 row one. which are pretty great seats, especially since they were free. editorship has its privileges.

we parked about three blocks away from staples in a downtown lot that cost us $5. a twenty dollar savings that was instantly given to the stadium and their $7 shots.

the show was pretty good considering. the sound was turned way down for some reason and the lighting man had it on automatic meaning the lights went spastic for no good reason during the weirdest moments and the screen behind the band showed some of the lamest graphics this blogger has ever seen.

even though jeanine and i havent been bf/gf in 13 years or so, we still hold hands and kiss and tell each other i love you which is very sweet. she put her head on my shoulder during one very pretty song and started to weep a tad which almost made me weep a tad.

i really like the dixie chicks, theyre excellent musicians, singers, and songwriters, which is why its so sad that their stage show it totally lacking. plus ive never heard such a horrible sound mix at Staples.

it did not ruin our night though. it was just nice to be together.

afterwards we went back to the lot to retrieve the car and we saw a young lady get out of a car. she had a very short miniskirt and patent leather boots so tall that she had problems walking in them.

normally when people see someone dressed like that theyd say "fucking whore" but this girl actually did look like a hooker. and being that it was downtown, who knows, she could have been one, but she didnt look over to us even after both me and jeanine hooted and told her she looked hot.

seriously why dress like a ho if youre not going to appreciate people going nuts over you?

and then i realized we were in my fucked up looking car

which was two quarts of oil short, we realized, upon arriving in pasadena.

but since my car is magic and can run on zero oil it was all, whatever bros, where next?

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