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   Thursday, November 09, 2006  
novel is a terrible word. hows anyone supposed to live up to it. might as well try to make art. might as well run around calling yourself a poet.

the reason there are 53 million blogs is cuz to write a blog means to be able to write "omg skool suxors". to write a novel means... fuck if i know.

i quit last night at 6am. all night i thought about it. all night i avoided it.

today karisa called me from the airport and she hasnt been reading it, pretty much noone has been reading it, but thats ok. its not a novel. i dont know what it is. theres an ounce of truth in it which is why i hate it. i like no truth. i like all creativity.

instead ive got what ive got. which is forced.

sometimes forced is good because it helps you grow. i wrote like 9 posts on LAist the other day. no way in hell would i have been able to write 9 posts if i wasnt first forced to write 5. after doing 5 for a few months, 8 doesnt seem all that crazy and then 9 just happens when youre on a roll.

im sure novel writing is something that you can do while on a roll and maybe i will be able to do that some other time but right now im on a roll doing whatever it is that im doing at LAist.

today i found out that Jessica Simpson is scouring for a new man but accidentally ran into a male hooker online

these male hookers are everywhere.

Jessica Simpson, im youre new man. hopefully youve learned that buff pretty boys who can sing and dance, sorta, are only interesting when youre a teenager.

me, im just looking for a mealticket. i mean, a true love who wants to sit around all day and ask me random questions like "why is the sky blue?"

by the way... LA readers of the busblog, we're having a contest at LAist for ten pairs of tickets to a secret Red Hot Chili Peppers show. all you have to do is put your five favorite cds from this year into the comments section of this post.

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