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   Tuesday, July 08, 2008  
still life with chicken wings

came in the office a little early because i had to park next to the meters. so instead of flip flopping around the corner in my rob, i actually omg motivated and got the hell out of the house. the cougar, im sure, will complain that i just wanted to get away from her, but the truth is i have this early morning meeting that i would like to be a little more prepared for, going forward.

also i have an intern who starts today and i want her to have stuff to do. check that, there are tons of things for her to do, i just wanna be organized in what to assign her.

anyways to reward myself for getting here so early i splurged and got the #3 at McDonalds, the bacon egg and cheese biscut and large orange juice. soon as i walked into the office, people are pointing at my bag, someone said, "youre gonna kill yrself", etc etc. my response was "this is the way i wanna go down", but if only these people knew that if karisa wasnt in my life - and now eternally in my ear - i would be eating this every morning.

and really, if God wanted us to look forward to our 70s, hed make our schweens get longer the older we got.

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