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   Tuesday, October 07, 2008  
she said you dont really mean it when you say you dont care

i said sure i do. she said then you wouldnt mind if i came over. i said i never minded when you came over. she said what if i stayed over. and again i said i never cared if you stayed over.

she said then what if i asked you to come over here. i was all, fine. she was like really? i said, what do i care. she said, what if i asked you to stay over here? i said, fine. who cares.

she said what if i asked you to be my boyfriend? i said, id be a lousy boyfriend right now. she said, but youd say yes cuz you say you dont care about anything. i said yes but id also be more likely to cheat cuz i dont care.

she said oh.

then she said, you wouldnt cheat on me. id give you everything you want.

i said, i want a world series champ. and i want you to dress like a ho 24/7.

she said 24/7?

she said, how about we just go to pinkberry.

i said, i dont care.

and thats why you saw me there.

photo by bgmaster via flickr

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