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   Monday, February 23, 2009  
because im a zillion years old, the jackson five was my first concert

which makes me one of the luckiest people ever.

but with great luck comes great responsibility. and it also brings great challenges.

for example, how can you top the jackson five in the seventies?

ac/dc in the eighties, of course.

grunge in the 90s.

and sxsw each march.

yes i have decided i will be going to the rock to find the next real deal. it might be an existing group, it might be a new one, it might be something old thats redefined itself.

odds are it wont be one amazing family, but chances are magic will be in texas during the onslaught of 1,500 bands spread out during a handful of nights as passion yearns to be set free.

i will be blogging about it here there and everywhere.

i will be tweetting, i will be live blogging, i will be video blogging, i will be soaking it up and squeezing it out like the german made sham-wah.

for each of you,

beware of the imitators.

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