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i always say that i could do things the way everyone else does
but i dont think i could.
mj had to have
his tounge out,
butkis had to kill em all,
and angus
couldnt stop

chris brought over
these chocolate orange sticks from trader joes and i cant stop eating them. im not sure if theyre really oranges in the center or if its fake orange. its gotta be a fake orange.

everything good is fake.


i want a new tv. this ones not big enough for me. i want one as big as my wall. i want one bigger than my wall. i want one so big that they have to cut a hole in the ceiling so the top can stick out.

i want a car thats says thats right bitch in cursive above the license plate. i want a fog horn, and a sailboat, and a mistress, and a pizza.

i want to have a bible study group and have this hot chick from work there and ken layne there but he lives in reno and karisa and some of the fellas from the korean church and special guests like luke ford and cardinal john p mahoney cuz he act like he dont owe me.

thanks to tivo ive been able to watch a lot of shows that i wouldnt have normally watched cuz theyre on super late or super early or not at all and tivo found them between the dials in the neversphere and one of the shows was a thing on one of my heroes lenny bruce and i think ive seen it before but my memory... and there was this one part where his mom was talking about what happened after he broke up with his wife.

lenny bruces wife was a stripper named honey.
life isnt going to get much better than that.
however his mom said that lenny didnt really start to get creative
until he broke up with honey, and she said it
like it was a good thing that he was all of a sudden creative
or gradually creative or eventually creative or finally creative.
maybe he was creative because he wasnt satisfied.
maybe he would have been better off not so creative
but in masive love with his stripper wife
and happy and not so creative.

lenny bruce is gone
but his spirits
living on
and on


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