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   Friday, May 10, 2002  
it's friday, i should be happy and in many ways i am, but heres the scamola of the day. if you didnt think that Ticketmaster couldnt get scummier, they've teamed up with -- before i finish this, let me tell you something, even though I know in Heaven everything will be sweet and cute and probably a lot like a few juicy hits of Ecstacy where, i'm told, you dont have an agressively evil thought or action, when i meet the Good Lord and after he shows me around the place, I will ask him to escort me to the deepest pit of Hell where I will be able to meet face-to-face the merciless demons that run Ticketmaster so that i can do so many evil things to their psyche and soul that even He will grimace at the creativity and mercilessness that i can deliver.

oh, yes, i can deliver that too.

so anyhow, Devilmaster has teamed up with Sam Goody, the fucks who own Musicland or whoever, who bought Licorice Pizza Records, my first cool job... UGH@!!! they teamed up to find more ways to completely SCREW the concert-going public who actually work for a living.

Instapundit! Professor Booty! Prof. Volokh, how can Ticketmaster be allowed to continue their monopoly and not only charge ridiculous fees, but then charge me $14.50 for a $9 two day UPS shipping, plus they charge a $3.50 handling fee on top of their Conveniece Fees...

but let's get to the point, which is so hard to do because im seething.

The Rolling fucking Stones are going to play one night only in one of the coolest music halls in America, the Wiltern. A place that I pass every damn day on my way to work.

In order to get those tickets, you have to pay Sam Goody $60 for the right to have them tell you when FuckerMaster is having one of their slimy Internet Pre-Sales.

And then -- only if Sam Goody choses you, you will have the opportunity to buy two Stones tickets to the intimate show before the two left over tickets behind the pole go on sale to the public.

But who's kidding who?

Ticketmaster has a huge tower on Sunset Blvd. right across the street from the Tower on Sunset.

The Wiltern isnt tiny (2,000 seats?), but every industry hack and every Ticketmaster/Sam Goody/Virgin Records ponytail gladhand will figure out a way to get in, which leaves, what, 5-6 tickets to your average guy on the street?

I can't even finish this post im so pissed off.

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