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   Friday, May 10, 2002  
let's get back to normal ok, ive vented, you've gotten to vent, some of you even had some rather direct bits of advice for me and my friend. i appreciate your input but let's all be gentlemen and ladies and lets head into the weekend with some positivity. shall we?

i might be the only straight guy who regularilly reads Ru Paul's blog on a daily basis, but i love his style and he leads an interesting lifestyle and we both adore Mariah and "Glitter". as can be expected, other than our boyhood pictures (scroll down) that's where the similarities end.

likewise, i agree with the most famous cross dresser in his most recent post where he says that he's pretty sure that when he looks back at these current times that he probably wont look at them as "the best years" of his life.

as much as i think he's probably right, i think that means that we should work extra hard to make these times the best ever.

we already have a standard by which to judge, and most of us have the means, therefore, all that is lacking is the desire.

the best years of my life were in college where i met my friends and did a lot of the same things that i do now, so whats stopping me from now hanging with my friends more and doing what we did then?

and dont say Dick's $150 million cuz we dont need that.

all we need is the desire to rock like we have never rocked and ru paul, thank you for the impetitus to get our asses up and out.

in a few hours im going to have some happy hour cocktails with a few hotties down the street, maybe that will segue to appetizers at a swank little bar with the Lakers on the big screen, and this weekend perhaps a roadtrip along the coast culminating in some sand, sea, surf.

the world is ours, good people.

lets show them how its done.

otherwise, you know, the terrorists win.

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