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   Monday, February 23, 2004  
hi, my name is Judge Charles W. Pickering.

in 1965 as a state senator, i repeatedly voted against measures that would expand electoral opportunities for African Americans after passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

me and my church organization think women shouldnt be allowed to have abortions unless shes going to die. we adopted a resolution calling for legislation to ban abortion.

f seperation of church and state. i did fake them out into thinking i did believe in a seperation of church and state when i

however i was the judge who removed the alabama judge who would not get rid of that 10 commandments statue last year. even though i love the ten commandments.

i also love racists, which is why i shortened the sentence of a man who was convicted of burning a cross on the lawn of an interracial couple.

but theres no one i love more than that good ol boy, george w. bush, who thought that it was wrong that the dems were trying to block my appointment to the federal appeals court, and used the dirty back door of a "recess appointment" to get me my seat.

cuz there are no other republican judges who are less racist, less interested in womens rights, and less supportive of racial equality in america to pack the court.

and if there are President George Bush doesnt want them on the appeals court.

thank God.

last month the president steamrolled anti-gay judge William Pryor into the court of appeals as well.

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