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   Wednesday, February 25, 2004  
karisa and i did laundry last night. but before we did we went to Zankou chicken. then we went to the drug store and picked up a twelver of pacifico.

as we were walking through the aisles karisa, who hasnt seen me in a while, said how young i look now that i have no afro.

i told her she was funny.

we got to the cashier and he asked to see my i.d.

karisa said, see.

i slid my atm card through the machine and the guy was still looking at my drivers license and he was doing the math and he said, i cant believe this.

i said, i cant believe it either.

i typed in my pin number and said, twenty dollars cash back please.

and he was still looking at my drivers license and then back at me.

he was all, how do you do it.

i said, drink beer, eat chicken, and hang out with the hottest girls in america.

i wasnt about to show him my passport. i had laundry to do and i really am 110 years old.

and what was he doing looking at me instead of karisa who looked a little better than i did, to say the least.

so we ate, drank our beers, watched most extreme elimination and did laundry.

i love karisa.

im always happy to hang with her.

even when she flashes me her belly to "prove" to me that shes getting fat.

making me spill my beer.

a mile away prince was playing a secret show for the press to announce his upcoming tour.

chas + darren + kevin holtsberry isnt afraid to say he's against gay marriages

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