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   Tuesday, February 24, 2004  
i have 11 minutes of my government mandated 15 minute break now i only have 3 minutes.

all i want to say is george bush is being gay about this gay marriage thing. hes not even being gay cuz gays are opened minded. why would he want to shoot himself in the foot about this. did anyone ask his opinion? does he think he will get votes off this?

repubs who would be in favor of a ban on gay marriages are already on their knees to george w. and they'd stay there regardless if he kept quiet on this issue.

so all hes going to do is piss off the reagan democrats who might have switched over, but now theyre just going to think hes a royal dick.

isnt the party who is supposed to be interested in less government the Repubs?

why do they care so much who marries who? and if they are the self-appointed moral compass, wouldnt they rather that people marry each other as opposed to romping around eternally single and reckless and free?

gay marriages do nothing to this republic except proclaim to the world that the usa truly is the home of the free and the home of the brave. denouncing these marriages sends a loud signal to the world that we might be leaders in economics and military and technology, but we are centuries behind in social issues and quote unquote morality.

this president of ours, if we care about how we look, makes us look ridiculous.

he doesnt stop people who dont even know each other from getting married on tv during a prime time game show

and yet he's going to stop people, some of whom have been together for most of their lives, from being recognized legally as a couple.

fuck you george bush and your tyrannical old school fucked up beliefs.

fuck you for throwing those ideas on people who didnt ask for your opinion.

fuck you for not representing the majority of america who dont care who the hell marries each other, and if they did they wouldnta made My Big Fat Obnoxious Wedding a bigger tv hit than the series finale of Sex in the City.

i am so happy that this came up this year and at this time because it will be the nail in the bush coffin.

and im stoked that nail will be pink.

splink + sk smith + wheres rupaul on this issue?

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