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   Saturday, February 28, 2004  
she said, what you have to do tony is find three projects that you can do. for ten thousand dollars each. i liked her ideas. she believed in me. i didnt know why. all i ever did around her was write poems in the ads of magazines and drink rum. she was playing with the wax that dripped down the tall skinny candle. she popped her gum when she chewed it.

i was all i cant live on thirty grand in hollywood.

she said quit eating out so much and buying all those baseball cards.

i could hear celebrities uncensored in the next room on the big tv. they said the name of the guy she used to date and she froze in order to hear better.

the new air, talkie walkies, was on the boom box. only peice of sony i ownie.

one of those sports boomboxes with extra tough plastic around everything which is good cuz im hard on things.

sony needs to make a sports


super tough, yellow, indestructable, and who cares if it gets dinged.

id buy the sony sportscar.

but id also want a sony mp3 playing cd player in that bad boy.

and she said, see, that idea is worth ten grand.

and then we made lust like seals.

flagrant is awesome, i would be her publicist

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