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   Saturday, February 28, 2004  
today is bunny mcintosh's birthday.
shes 67.

might well could be my soul mate, allison was born here in la and got moved away when she was just a little girl by a family of mormons who raised her to be their own.

allegedly a natural redhead, ms. mcintosh once linked this very website and i saw that she was sniffing around here so i went to her page. and then to her pics page. i didnt think she was all that hot lookin but i liked how she wrote. she reminded me of a less pissed off raymi. definately wild. definately free. definately her own girl.

so i kept reading.

then i chatted with her through aol im and within minutes we were telling each other that we loved each other.

i sorta meant it cuz all of her answers were perfect.

i dont know how long excatly we've been chatting with each other but i mean it completely now when i tell her i love her. and i still do. i love her.

but of course she lives in georgia.

many people dont know it but i have asked her to be my girlfriend on dozens of occasions. she always says yes.

sometimes i ask her to marry me. she says yes to all of those requests too.

i tell her that im an overly sexual boyfriend. she says thats fine. she says for me to quote unquote bring it. i then tell her that im not all that great in the sack and that im old and she says fine, just bring it anyway.

once we were on the web cam together and i showed her some of the grey hairs on my chest and she told me that they were cute and she put a smiley at the end of her sentence.

i asked her if she didnt mind a guy rubbing his gray chest hairs on her young twenty something body and she said as long as they were tony pierce's then it would be fine.

(correct answer)

then i said that some of my previous girlfriends have brought other girls to the house.

that was a lie, none of my previous girlfriends had done that but she didnt care, she said she would bring hotter girls to the house for me.

i said what about for us?

and she said that she didnt need anyone but me.

so i told her that infact i didnt need any other girls being brought home to the house. that i was lazy in bed and a few sessions a day from one girl would be plenty. that i needed all my extra energy to write.

she said she loved how i wrote

i said i loved how she wrote

and then we told each other dirty things and she laughed. she has a nice laugh.

once she wrote me a letter and mailed it to me.

i couldnt believe it.

just the other day she told me that shes still to this day starstruck by me.

and thats why i'll stay on blogger for-evah.

happy 85th birthday georgia girl still in college girl.

and if you ever do come to cali it'll be me who'll be starstruck.

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