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   Monday, April 26, 2004  
i ate a lot of cheese this weekend. we also had ribs at tony romas while watching the laker game. it was the tony romas in beverly hills where there were a lot of black people suprisingly and my weekend date watched all the drinks being fixed up (we were in the romantic bar so as to be close to the tvs) and she was all, who knew these many people would be drinking at 2pm. i reminded her that we greeted the day with screwdrivers and she was like, but we're young.

i chose the baby back half slab with corn fritters and baked potato. i dont know how you fuck up a baked potato but they did. the ribs were tender but needed a little love in the seasoning department. shes a rich girl and the day before passed on the makeshift bbq that a bunch of mexicans set up next to a freeway offramp and i explained to her that that would have been the best meal of the weekend but she told me that she has a sensitive stomach and i suggested that it was probably because she ate too safe.

we also had dessert at mr romas because the game was going into overtime and we wouldnt have a chance to go to coldstones since we would be driving as fast as we could to her condo on wilshire.

there we watched the overtime victory and fell asleep in each others arms with baseball on the telly.

she calls it the telly. i think its cuz shes from sweden.

woke up at 6ish and she ordered a pizza from mullberry street pizza. sausage and pepperoni. we watched stardust memories and laid on the couch.

the windows were open. breeze blowing through. i still i found myself wanting.

i wanted to see how the cubs had won that day.

i wanted to not have to wake up in the morn and go into the office.

but mostly i wanted a pair of shoes as i had only worn flip flops when she had picked me up and unless there were a spare pair of sneakers at the xbi, i would have to fly chopper one in sandals. which is usually ok unless i would be asked to land and chase someone.

lets hope we could just shoot the bastards before any chase unfolded today.

we slept a lot this weekend. had a bunch of sex. ate a lot of cheese.

drank tons.

but the best part was, i did laundry by putting it into a plastic bag and dialing the conceirge.

ive been living the wrong life all this time.

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