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   Tuesday, April 13, 2004  
ok, im now verrrry confused by the women of The Apprentice. first they used sex to win the first few challenges in the hit tv show. then they were advised to use their brains instead of their sexuality and they lost a few challenges.

then they were mixed up with the men and they were pissed off when some of the men used them to be hot but left them out of the desicion-making.

and now that we're a few days away from the final, theyre no where to be seen.

fired from the show.

as most of them shoulda been.

and so now theres a report that says that the ladies were offered $250k each to pose nude for playboy magazine and not only did they decline, but they instead posed in lingerie (pictured) for that icon of taste FHM.

their compensation: $0.

didnt their time with trump teach them anything?

obviously i am a man with an open mind. and if i was given a choice between hiring a woman who posed nude with a woman who posed in lingerie, i wouldnt think lessor of the woman who posed nude.

but apparently the women of the apprentice think differently.

yes there is a difference between being nude and wearing trashy lingerie.

to me there isnt much difference.

to the irs the difference is a quarter mil.

now i thought these women were interested in being entrepreneurs. dont they think $250,000 of seed money would be beneficial to them? more beneficial than the "exposure" that they will get off this laddy mag?

perhaps one reason i have an open mind is because i have an extremely short memory.

ive seen playboys "women of starbucks" ive seen playboy's "women of wal*mart", ive seen the girls of the pac-10, big-10, and i even got my playboy autographed by two ucsb gaucho women who posed during the "women of the big west": and if you put any of those beautiful ladies in a line-up i wouldnt be able to tell you their names their colleges or their professions.

why do women think that posing for mr hefners magazine will cause them so much negative feedback and they dont think that fhm maxim and stuff wont?

if i could, im sure trump would fire these batty broads again.

and im glad they lost to kwame and his bro from the windy.

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