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   Thursday, June 29, 2006  
today is matt good's 35th birthday. i didn't know this until i got an email from one of his fans who dropped it in there as an aside, but i guess this proves matt and i arent gay lovers.

matt was born on a glacier in the north pole. because of global warming he came down to civilization to yell at those responsible.

i met him on a sunny day on venice beach and put a dollar in his guitar case after he played some molly hatchet for me.

taller in person than he appears on disc, matthew knows what he likes and will happily tell you about it.

favorites include apple computers,, american guitars, vancouver, and of course his dogs.

every band or recording artist has a pattern when it comes to their fans. some fans want to know every detail, some fans are totally forgiving and loyal, some whisper behind their back, some are only there during the peaks.

matt good fans are totally dedicated, knowledgeable, and incredibly sweet.

matt is also suprisingly trusting. the man has told me many secrets. maybe he just understands that we at the xbi know everything anyway, so you may as well fess up,

but matt has shown me the respect of trust and for that i have also shared some good tales with him as well.

the day after i no longer worked for buzznet i wasnt feeling so great and i was driving a stolen car down the 405.

it had no roof.

it was a convertible but the ible had been converted to $50 or something so there i was in a late model buick or ford with no roof.

i know this because it was very windy with no roof and matt called my cell phone after he read my blog. we talked and made plans and then he played his new hit single for me. it was a great song and you will all love it when you get to hear it. its a tune about a tidal wave and lots of the words struck me even while in a foul mood, even while in a stolen vehicle, even without having the best reception on the cell phone as the wind wipped around that old bucket.

and then he called a judge in new york to help free lil kim.

your favorite son is a talented bastard and you should be proud of him.

happy birthday mr good, may you have 135 more of them.

matthew good dot org + bbc + raymi

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