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   Wednesday, August 30, 2006  
ticketrl8.jpg when i heard alphaville for the first time i never thought that id have to hear them for the rest of my life. dont ever weep for kurdt.

ive had this to-do list that has been hard as fuck.

try it one day. make a list of things that you seriously need to get to but for some reason are a super pain in the ass. ive had this list for a week now and today i totally crossed off two of them and i feel like a million bucks.

each of the items took me a total of 45 minutes today.

i am such a loser.

but in my glow from accomplishment i made two more items for a different list.

- if youre awake, and if there isnt a special lady in the house, at 2am blog.
- if youre awake, and if there isnt a special lady in the house, at 230am write your book.

so here it is 230am and im watching VH1 classics. theyve given me u2 fishbone alphaville and now the smashing pumkins cherub rock. is this song really old enough to be a vh1 classic? if so, why is everything making me feel a gazillion years old.

this song reminds me of a little situation i had when this album oh wait its not this song. ok, never mind.

my arms have been killing me. arms and hands. i work far too long. no days off all summer. day and night work. always looking, always searching. always tweaking things. i know it might not look like it but its not easy, i'll tell you that. and to write that Times thing in the middle of it was pretty weird especially since my hands were killing me that day.

i eat this arthritus medicine that karisa recommended. and i use icy hot. theres a 99cent store version of icy hot called Crysta Ice.

a special lady came over today after i accomplished my second check off and i started kissing her and i said lets see if we can make out for a half hour but i cant move my hands and arms.

it was fun for a while until she got bored and gave me a little dance show on my persian rug. if that rug wasnt fithy before it is now is all ive gotta say.

speaking of big brother, omg i cant believe how chilltown has totally played reverse psychology on this shit and are about to run the table.

one of the guys in this reality show, people who dont know, has been telling the other contestants to vote him out but they refuse to pay attention to him. its classic.

yes i have no idea how i get any girl to even take off their anything in my presence. but whatever. speaking of big brother, today i wrote one of my former Nexus cohorts who is a Sr. VP of programming at cbs to ask him who i should write to get a nice litte BB set visit and the email totally bounced back.

that was one of my white board to-do's: write cbs.

um they are totally playing the same fishbone song that they totally just played totally 45 minutes ago. TAKE THE TAPES OUT AFTER THEYVE PLAYED STONERS!

i totally worked at a record store when this record came out. the girls knew of the band totally before the record came out and they put Fishbone is Red Hot on the Licorice Pizza marquis.

id like to have a son named marquis.

his middle name would be d'

i dont know any kid whose middle name is d'

something cool might happen friday afternoon

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