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   Friday, August 25, 2006  
Photo Hosted at Buzznet write about the bizarre deteriorating of Bush's speech ability. Im not just trying to kick the guy, something really seems wrong and Id love to speak to his doctor and hear the truth.
- bicyclemark

ive seen the videos that show W as a Governor with apparently no problems talking. and of course ive seen all the bushisms over the last six years. the explaination is simple - he's not saying what he really feels any more. nor should he.

if you were the President's handlers right now why would you let him go off script? when he thinks for himself he either makes up words like Internets or his sits there like he did on 9/11.

thinking is what the other people in the room who went to Yale are supposed to do. not the guy who partied there every night.

if i had to remember the republican talking points i would be stumbling and blinking and stuttering and fumbling too. thats a complicated playbook of bullshit that youve gotta learn. just imagine the dozens of different ways to defeat that death star? iraq, 9/11, oil, plame, katrina, domestic spying, signing statements, the small detail about that gay male hooker who was snuck into the press corps for a year, the other small detail about rewriting scientist's studys proving global warming is happening and must be dealt with in ten years

this whole administration is one teetering jenga game waiting to be overwith. bush is no reagan. hes no trained actor. and hes not slick like willie. when things are fucked up its written all over that goofy face, its heard in his inflections when he accomplishes the obstacle course that every sentence is for him.

its almost as if he's waiting for that inevitable moment where the entire press corps stands up in unison and collectively calls bullshit on everythng.

bush should just chill out and realize that thats never going to happen, and go back to imagining everyone actually buying his malarkey. theyve gone past wanting to believe that his lies were true into resigning themselves into knowing that their president is a horrible liar full of terrible secrets and if he just wanted to go to the hospital for a few months because of a tragic "throat infection" caused my some tainted shellfish i doubt anyone would miss him.

the mistake was in hiring tony snow who seems to be just as bad as pretending that what hes saying is true because right now what the GOP need most is someone who can shovel that shit like no one else.

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