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   Sunday, November 26, 2006  
i cant believe that even my biggest fans are saying im not blogging enough. friends i blog 6-7 times a day. just not here. i feel like dylan playing electric all of a sudden. your boy made it to the pros. go see him play in the bigs.

do you know how many people have full time jobs being a blogger? you know one, thats for sure. and dont be scurred by the name. LAist is for everyone. freaking busblog is more LA-centric than LAist.

i had a very nice dinner with my boss on Wednesday and he was all, put stuff that you wouldnt put on LAist on the busblog. and i was all, theres nothing i dont want to put on LAist. to me the LAist is like the New Yorker or like the Atlantic Monthly, it goes deeper and further and wider than just its name.

and since when have you ever known tony pierce to allow himself to be limited by titles?

last night i showed people how to make cocaine, i had a nice video of Cat Power, i called a black poker show racist, and then i showed how California has more hate groups than any other state in the US. none of that interests you? really?

if anyone should be complaining its the people who come to LAist looking for LA-only stories.

funny thing about the complainers over there. they sure bitched a lot at the beginning but theyve certainly shut the fuck up over the last few months. maybe theyve left. maybe they were replaced with four new readers who are very happy that LA means the World. which it does of course.

ok so the other day a little mouse scooted across my apartment and scared the shit out of the exchange student who was exchanging fluids with me and she ran home. i called her later and said baby that happens about once or twice a year. i dont understand it but i think when it starts to get cold they look for somewhere warm to hide and i have a lot of cracks in my house and the french windows dont close all the way

she said blah blah im never coming over there AGAIN! so i said baby how about if i get tons of poison and traps and i clean up and she said that place can never be cleaned you have shit everywhere. fuck you im out.

so i bought all the poisons and traps and i even got these sonic repellents that the web says doesnt work but after i got rid of the cheerleaders and told anna kournikova that i wished she died in an avalanche of old train engines things werent going so well in the lovin department at the home of the busblog, so i really needed this new chick to be cool. so she was over tonight and we fell asleep in front of the fire and she woke me up with a scream and she pointed at the corner of the house by the front door and i didnt see anything but now we're in my bedroom and to mellow her out i put some clothes at the foot of the door so nothing can crawl through and she says that if i dont get a cat in the next few days she will never come over here again.

it will be black and its name will be killer.

i also had a nice chat with karisa tonight and after we hung up i decided that i really need to make a screenplay of the day i did so much acid i couldnt walk and my buddy got busted by the cops for having a little pot plant on his porch and when they went into his house they discovered he had eight eightballs of coke and four plants growing in his closet and i saw it all from outside in a car while i was on acid.

its not that i want to write a screenplay. i want to buy a house in isla vista. they cost a million dollars. and karisa was telling me that means your mortgage is ten grand a month. and as much as i enjoy being a professional blogger, currently my salary is a tad less than ten thousand dollars a month.

prediction for the big game tomorrow (today) patriots 20, ditka 21

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