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   Thursday, November 09, 2006  
our friend the holywriter from west virginia asks, "When are we getting your thoughts on the revolution?"

when i was on my trip around the country i wanted to poke my head into west virginia to see mr holywriter but there was a storm heading across the nation and i had to make it to memphis as fast as i could.

it hit me right outside of knoxville anyway but apparently i could have gotten into rougher stuff, but still, i should have gone to west virginia.

LAist was on fire today. we had 20 posts.

we got linked by Fleshbot for a story i did yesterday called "Decision '06: Which Porn Star Looks Most Like Britney". it was just an excuse to post a picture of teagan presley after defamer said most people think she looks like the former mrs federline. every time i go to that blog i think "why dont i come here every day, again?" whats my problem with boobies? i have the same question about Nerve. instead im on instapundit and yahoo fantasy hoops all day.

i thought about joining review Me and reviewing things on the busblog for cold hard cash but maybe thats not such a great idea right now.

i was pretty happy with New Rule: Ken Mehlman Is Gay

but the best post was written by the mighty Zach who had 5 or 6 posts today (!) who gave a sweet overview on the newest LAPD beatdown.

i got to write about the dude from post secret coming to sign books today, i got to post a video of the Deftone's doing a Weezer cover, a creepy anti-gay kiddie film from the early 60s, and an Anne Sexton poem

i told people how many millions the black LA fireman got for eating spaghetti which his captain secretly added dog food to and then laughed when he unsuspectingly ate it ($2.7

and i told people where they could get free gas for four hours here in hollywood.

but probably the best thing i wrote today was this one about how a district in the val is gonna spend $55,000 on shopping cart removal. So if you live in Van Nuys you can dial 311 if you see a shopping cart hanging out looking like trouble and within 48 hours it will be removed from your sight.

there was a good picture for it too.

as for the revolution, the thing that strikes me as ironic is the idea that if bush and cheney were simultaneously assassinated nancy pelosi of all people would become president of the united states.

its ironic because the way bush and cheney have almost literally said fuck you to the entire world, not just americans, but to the world, would make them juicy targets, i would think for some nutjob who wants to really change history.

therefore the two men who used fear as way to do whatever they want, now cant do what ever they want, and probably live in a little bit of personal fear.

it made me a tad sad for the little tyrants.

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