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   Tuesday, April 13, 2004  
im old enough to remember the last days of the first george bush and it looked a lot like this.

bungling, fumbling, desperation and finally resignation.

you end up feeling sorry for the guy.

and at times you even feel pity.

for at times, it really is pitiful.

this evening we saw a little boy who wanted to go home.

who doesnt like wearing a suit, doesnt like the press, doesnt like the mess he's created, and doesn't want to play this stupid charade any more.

he was always better at playing cowboys.

he always felt more comfortable in jeans clutching a cold frosty one.

not everyone was cut out to do the things that they become famous for.

i watched this press conference and i saw the youth of the president. to me he still seems like a very youthful man.

he seems capable of learning, but its impossible to tell if he has any serious convictions himself or if the entire night he'll be telling his buddy cooter that he told him he could get away with saying turkey farm twice and not crack up.

and then there were the sad moments. the times when you literally saw a president try to think

and fail at it.

i can think of 10 things i did wrong in the last ten hours, george w bush couldnt think of one mistake he'd made since 9/11/01

and he hoped the answer was on the chandelier above the press corp and he looked

and it was exactly like the final round of a heavyweight fight

no one has enough energy to even swing

whats the use

everyone waiting for the bell

or a towel to be thrown in

or the lights to go out

or anything

tonight i saw living nothing

and it made me feel badly for the gentleman.

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