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   Thursday, April 15, 2004  
because im the luckiest man alive and because the ladies of LA are so generous and beautiful and connected and wonderful.

and because the pickings are slim for the single young females, tonight i get to see a special sneak preview of Kill Bill 2 at the historic mann's chinese theatre thanks to the good people who made Uma Thurman's shoes: Asics.

thank you Asics and thank you Liana for letting me be your guest.

and thank you Liana for letting me take karisa if youre too busy saving the world to go.

we'll see you at the after party and later at the Standard and if i lack any blogging tomorrow it's cuz im still hungover.

i didnt truly love love love the first Kill Bill. it seemed to me to be violence for violence sake and very little plot.

i didnt like that it only took uma a few minutes to chop up a couple dozen dudes with swords but then took an excrutiatingly long time to reach a conclusion with Lucy Lui

who's just one girl.

i loved, however, the opening exchange between uma and vivica.

how quentin gets all these fine women to look even finer in his films is wonderful, especially since it's been a long time since either uma, daryll or vivica have been carded, if you know what i mean.

and of course i loved the ball-and-chain weilding asian school girl who very truly needs to answer my phone calls and marry me.

and although jackie brown was a major disappointment, i have nothing but high hopes for this film tonight.

i hope i get to see it with the hottest cuban girl in hollywood

but if i have to accompany karisa, i suppose i will survive.

and if this movie sucks, trust me, i will tell you.

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