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   Wednesday, April 14, 2004  
its true that ive been spotted around town with a particular cuban young lady. and because im constantly trying to impress her, i will be watching the new Castro documentary tonight on HBO.

its very interesting dating a cuban girl who has not only been to cuba but still has family there. apparently a lot of the cubans really truly do love castro and enjoy the lifestyle there and arent interested in the american dream.

and even though i love america, in many ways i can see their point.

although i may come across as a content young man living the life here in hollywood, when i see things like late model corvettes or beachside homes, i admit, i become covetous.

which i know i shouldnt.

i suppose i defend america and the dream because at least i have the option here to bust my tail and go get the things that i really dont need, whereas in other countries you dont really have those options.

im curious as to what mr stone will ask of mr castro. for some reason i respect oliver stone and like the way that he challenges the status quo.

jfk is one of my favorite films.

im very much looking forward to what mr stone will ask mr castro about our fallen president.

i would also like to see if he asks castro if the american embargo has crippled his country.

and of course i am eager to see if oliver stone will ask fidel if he is disappointed in all of his countrymen who defect to america to play baseball.

im guessing he isnt disappointed at all.

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